Bookstores for Bibliophiles

There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of a bookstore – the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the hushed voices of Dickinson, Dostoevsky and Dickens whispering from the lines of shelves, the texture of worn-out paper, the stories floating inside. Miami’s bookstores tend to have a different binding, though. There’s the new and digitized (Barnes and […]

The Science Behind Nostalgia

When the pressure of growing up become too unsettling, we tend to seek refuge in the hazy memories of simpler times. Sunburned shoulders and sandy toes, the soothing sounds of Saturday morning cartoons, the soft scrape of a slide and lull of a swing – effortless luxuries that came with existing for the sole sake […]

Musicians of UM

Nestled away near the freshman dorms, the Frost School of Music was recently recognized by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the top 25 music schools in the country. With world-famous faculty, the university’s resources and Miami’s vibrant music scene, it is no surprise that the Frost School of Music is one of the most […]

Spring is in the Hair

Spring is the season of renewal. It is the optimal time to refresh your mind, your body, and your wardrobe. However, in a world where fashion trends wilt as fast as they blossom, the desire to obtain the latest and greatest styles every season can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. One of […]


Their eyebrows furrowed together, lips bitten, faces flushed. I could see between their darting eyes that they were looking for the best way to answer the simple question I had posed: “What is your relationship to porn?” As they searched for the right way to respond, I couldn’t help but think of the irony.  Prevalence […]

The Invisible Trade

He kisses her softly on her forehead, his hands pulling at her hips. Her arm, decorated with a fresh tattoo and a new Cartier bracelet, reluctantly hands over a wad of money. Thirty dollars, it isn’t enough. Her cheek goes numb – another blow to match the patch of bruises on her leg. She stumbles […]

Your Brain on Music

You hear it every day, through multiple mediums, in a variety of volumes. Sometimes your attention is consumed by its blaring presence; other times it’s a familiar friend gently humming in the background of elevators, cafés and hotel lobbies. Sometimes you seek it out – drive up the decibels because it reminds you of a […]

Bodybuilding 101

As soon as you step into the gym, you can immediately tell who the “regulars” are. They seem to know the layout of the room better than the people who work there, and confidently approach each machine as if they’ve been on it a thousand times. Because, well, they probably have. You know them: the […]

Mind Over Matter

Ten seconds. That’s all you have. Three to recover from the shock of the fall. Four to react to the pain of the blow. Two to evaluate your body for bruises. One to summon the willpower to pull yourself back up again. Ten seconds until each of the referee’s fingers is up in the air […]