Our Go-To Fashion Guide: Miami Style

Published on December 7th, 2011

photo credit: EDITO, Refinery29

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December 6, 2011.

Better start by saying this post is for the gals. Just being a friend.

Now, if you haven’t yet tuned into the killer editorials that make up the college girl’s most dependable fashion and shopping guide, I really don’t know what you have been doing with all that free time you have. Just kidding silly, no one has free time these days. But Refinery29 is a website officially designated–by UMiamiMode, of course–to the time you don’t spend doing those things you “should” be doing, i.e. studying, making a salad or watching the history channel. Although you definitely should be studying, as it is finals week, and who doesn’t need some powerful brain food to up the chances of an A++? I suppose you could also be learning some really informative facts from channel 65. I digress.

Launched in 2005, Refinery29 gives you, a young, stylish and powerful young woman, everything you need and want to know about the happenings of the cultural world and specifically of certain highlighted cities–New York, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, D.C. and starting yesterday, MIAMI. Yeah, we thought the same thing: what took ya so long? We’ve known this city is boss for quite some time now. With regional teams working to bring you the latest style news in each city, it’s almost like these genius editors found a way to put us in all our favorite places at once! Refinery29 makes it so much easier to be cool. Phew.

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