12 Things to Be Grateful For – UM Edition

Published on November 20th, 2012

The four day Thanksgiving holiday break breeds ample time for reflection. This 2012, how should a UM student be grateful for thee? Let me count the ways…

1) The presidential candidates’ multiple visits to UM, plus Obama’s visit in spring semester.  Not a whole lot of schools can boast three visits in one year from a sitting president.

2) All the ‘Canes representin’ the U at the London Summer Olympics.

3) The new U-Statue is a testament to Donna Shalala’s ability to better our school, giving us a physical representation of our well-deserved sense of pride.

4) The overtime win in the UM vs. Georgia Tech football game on September 22nd. You could hear the collective cries of joy and sighs of relief throughout the entire ‘Cane Nation.

5) Tangent, Mike James and Duke Johnson: thank you for being awesome.

6) Well, at least the FSU tailgate was fun!

7) Bill Clinton’s surprise lecture in Donna Shalala’s Health Care course on Presidents’ Day. Lucky doesn’t even cut it.

8) The Construction on campus may be an eyesore of late, but soon our university will be one of the most technologically advanced and exciting schools in the country. We’re so lucky to be afforded such a dramatic makeover of an already beautiful campus.

9) Lebron, Dwayne, Chris, and the rest of the Miami Heat players – there are no words. A hard fought championship win to a deserved group of men. What a stunning achievement by a league of extraordinary athletes. Thank you for making the 305 proud one gravity-defying dunk at a time.

10) Hallelujah, we finally have an H&M on Lincoln Road. A fashion staple that was well overdue.

11) The Design-A-Course program offers UM students the opportunity to create and implement a course. Ideas like this will keep our school on a progressive track, allowing us to compete academically with the best schools in the nation.

12) The announcement heard around the globe: Ultra Music Festival will be two weekends in 2013. Cue the excited sobs emanating from our generation.

Enjoy the holiday wherever you choose to spend it, but don’t forget how lucky you are to have a second home at the U. From those of us here at Distraction, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.

words_kristen calzadilla. photo_courtesy of hurricane sports.


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