What to know about the Chili Cookoff

Published on January 25th, 2013

Chili Cookoff

Whip out the confederate flags, finish memorizing those Luke Bryan lyrics and overnight yourself a pair of cowboy boots- The Chili Cookoff is this Sunday, and anyone with a penchant for southern hospitality and a great time will be there. But the Chili Cookoff is no casual event. It takes hours days of preparation, as the fun starts long before the sun rises. But don’t worry, country aficionados. Distraction’s got you covered with some darn good tips to make sure you get the most out of your Cookoff experience.

Dress Appropriately

Nothing says “I’m a Redneck” like flannel, jean shorts and good ole’ cowboy boots (spurs optional). Step out of your comfort zone for a day and embrace style The ‘Murican way.

Arrive early. VERY EARLY

I know, it’s not the Miami way. But then again, the Cookoff isn’t in Dade county either. Gates open at 1 a.m. and by 6 a.m. more than half the parking lot will be filled to the brim with pickups. Take into account travel time (approximately 45 minutes), so to avoid the risk of having nowhere to park or hang out, get there long before the crack of dawn.

Dust off your tailgating essentials

Grills, chairs, tables, blankets, games- bring it all! You’ll be out there for hours on end, so make sure you have somewhere comfortable to sit, something to eat or drink and some fun stuff to do with your friends. If you don’t plan on staying in one spot, bring some snacks to keep you energized. You’ve got a long and fun day ahead of you!

Don’t drink and drive

Choose a DD in advance. Worse than driving drunk is driving drunk and tired, so make sure you have a safe way of getting home before the final song.

Get ready for a wild time

No description necessary on this one!


What: Kiss Country Chili Cookoff

When: Sunday, January 27th; 8:30 a.m.

Where: CB Smith Park, 900 North Flamingo Road

Event Cost: Sold out


words and photo_ashley brozic.


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