How Many Of You Have Been Personally Victimized By Valentine’s Day?

Published on February 7th, 2013

It’s almost here: Valentine’s Day. The day many dread and hate more than anything. The day many love and have that fuzzy-inside-feeling all day long.  Whether you’re single and proud, or perfectly content in the relationship of a lifetime, we got the details on what is most important: what to wear. It’s important to look like, well, someone your date wants to be seen with, because Valentine’s Day fashion can get tacky – fast. We’ll share the dish on the It items to wear depending on what your lovey-dovey plans are for the day of love.

Night on the Town

If you’re spending the evening enjoying a fancy dinner with the love of your life, it is vital to look both sensual and sophisticated…at the same time.

For Her: Keep it conservative for the most part but definitely leave a little “something” for the wandering eye. Tops with cheeky cut-outs and open backs are great (we love this sequined top from

For Him: Mix tailoring with some basics. Pair a nice blazer with a great fitting Henley (try this one from and you’re favorite, squeeze-my-butt-in-the-best-way-possible dark jeans.



Photos courtesy of http://www.asos.com

Between the Sheets(!)

If it’s a romantic night in of cooking some candle-lit din-din together and cuddling over multiple glasses of wine, comfortableness and sexiness are the names of the game.

For Her: Anything that doesn’t cling to the body – think off-the-shoulder frocks (easy go to: and super soft materials. Don’t forget the most important part: the sexiest lingerie in the deep blue sea.

For Him: Lived-in jeans ( have a great selection) and a well-fitting tee are best for a night in – comfortable, easy to take off, and you know she loves you in it.


Photos courtesy of  http://www.victoriassecret.com 

With the BFFL’S

If swearing off love – because it sucks – is in your VDay plans and you’re using the evening for some fun with your dearest and dearest throw out the rules and do what you do best – yourself. Sweatpants! 6-inch-heels! Whatever you want. Treat yourself because hey, why the hell not?




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