Loudest Issue Yet

Published on February 21st, 2013

Sounds like it’s time for a new issue!

We know, we know. You’ve been on the edge of your seats for another chance to flip through our glossy pages since we gave you the Apocalypse Issue last December. But the wait is over! Well, almost over.

We’ve delved into the world of beats and bass to provide you with our loudest issue yet (#loudestissueyet, for all you social media moguls out there). From the best places to get a side of entertainment with your entree, to what your music preferences say about your sex life (you’d be surprised how many of us in the office ended up being pop-stars). Distraction’s next issue is jam-packed with stories that will get you through every class, even those pesky three hour ones.

We have exclusive interviews with Troy Kurtz, who is taking over the nightlife scene with his deep house beats, and Jake Miller, who is steadily on his way to ousting Bieber from his reign as every teenage girls heartthrob (and, oddly enough, ours as well).

But the highlight of our issue is hip-hop’s next rhyme-crafting queen, Brianna Perry, who recently snagged a nomination for Best Female Artist at the BET Awards; a move that single-handedly put her in the same category as Trina, Diamond and Nikki Minaj.

Music Cover_Web

I’m going to stop myself before I spill anything else. But I will give you a heads up: our issue arrives on March 1st, and this one’s going to fly fast. Tune in to distractionmagazine.com for more previews!

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