The Best Tailgate Fashion Trends of 2016

Published on October 4th, 2016

At this point we all know how to either cut the sleeves off our game day shirts to make them wearable in the Miami heat or chop some off the bottom so we can wear them with our high waisted shorts. While these are never-fail ways to dress up for a tailgate, sometimes you want to switch things up (especially if you’re not trying to look the same in every insta you post). These girls are going above and beyond in the tailgate fashion department and showing us new ways to dress up for everyone’s favorite Saturday activity.


The distressed tee is a cool look, no matter where you’re going.  Wearing it to a tailgate is a great way to make your outfit stand out. //Source: Instagram @emmamichiels

Trend: Distressed Tee 

Why stick to just a pair of scissors when you’re altering your t-shirts when you could bring in some bleach and really make a statement. Pair your distressed tee with some shredded denim shorts for a serious rocker vibe. There are also a lot of people starting businesses altering tailgate tees, the one on Emma Michiels is from Tailgate Tees by Gabby.



Find a unique pair of overalls and make it the focus of your outfit. Allow your orange and green bandeau to peek through, so you can still show off your ‘Cane pride. //Source: Instagram @hayweee


Find a good pair of overalls and the outfit possibilities are endless. You can put any orange or green article of clothing underneath and you’ll be ready to head to Hard Rock. //Source: Instagram @celinaporteus













Trend: Overalls

This trend is amazing because you can thrown on a bandeau, your overalls, and look instantly trendy. It takes barely any work, but looks like you definitely follow a lot of fashion blogs. Undo one strap for an even more laid-back look. Because you don’t necessarily need to wear a shirt with these, you’ll be able to stay cool through the tailgate and the game.


It takes about three seconds to put together this outfit and you’ll feel super comfortable throughout the whole day. You really can’t go wrong with this trend. //Source: Instagram @_rachelmilstein

Trend: Shirt Dresses

This one is a crowd pleasure for obvious reasons. That’s right, no pants. Who has time to put shorts on when you have a team to cheer on?  Just put on an oversized tee and head out to that early morning tailgate. Junior Lizzie Wilcox told us about her experience wearing a shirt as a dress, “I wore just a giant shirt to a game last year and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.” Well there you have it folks, go big (t-shirt) or go home.


Another cool trend is cutting out a v-neck in your t-shirt but leaving the collar. It adds a little something extra to your cut tee. //Source: Instagram @kriziamendez


Make sure the back of your outfit has just as much UM pride as the front. Add extra details to your outfit to make it stand out. //Source: Instagram @sydneymastrandrea














Trend: Layering

If you’re going to layer in 100 degree weather, this is how to do it. Grab a plaid shirt that has some green or orange (or both) and wrap it around your waist. It takes about two seconds and you’ll instantly look more put together. Sydney Mastrandrea layered a denim vest over her tshirt and made it unique by painting on the U and adding the patches herself. Don’t be afraid to be creative with your looks; a little arts and crafts never hurt anybody.


Thalia Garcia is a junior majoring in Software Engineering. She’s from Miami and wants to eventually start her own software engineering business or work in animation! She loves pastelitos and café con leche.



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