Actual New Year’s Resolutions

Published on January 20th, 2017

We are well into January and people think they will follow through with the stereotypical New Year Resolutions of going to the gym and eating better. Although a new year won’t suddenly bring new habits – and kudos to you if you do follow through with it – here are a few resolutions that are attainable and will benefit you in ways other than just losing weight.

1. Spend less online: Whether you’re addicted to Amazon or the Sale section of every clothing website, give your wallet a break by not pressing “Submit Order.”

2. Try not to eat out so much: Yes, the Rat’s Mac and Cheese Bites are mouth-watering but try to limit eating out to maybe once or twice a week. That’ll not only help out your wallet, but also that resolution to lose weight.

3. Dress better: Whether it’s for class or just hanging around the apartment, perhaps a good resolution can be to not wear your sweats out every day. You never know who you’ll meet and do you really want to shake hands with your professor wearing pajama pants?

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4. Be more organized: Go buy that agenda you didn’t think you needed and spend a few minutes in the morning seeing what lies ahead for the day. The simple act of writing things down might help you get your s*** together.

5. Complain less: We’re all lucky in this life and we also all have bad days, but don’t bend someone else’s ear complaining about how your life sucks – in reality, it doesn’t.

6. Don’t use your phone when you’re with company: That Snapchat or Instagram tag can wait, the present is more important anyway.



7. Stay away from using technology before bed: The light from your phone, tablet and/or computer can actually keep you awake. Perhaps reading a book, writing, or meditating can help you get to sleep faster than that cliff hanger from How To Get Away With Murder.

8. Be nice: It’s easy to do and can actually improve your health.

9. Make a University of Miami Bucket List: Your time is here limited, so go jump in a fountain and take a selfie with Sebastian. Need ideas? We’ve got you covered, right here.

10. Buy multivitamins: Always getting sick? Get those gummies and be 4 years old again.


Alina Zerpa is a senior majoring in journalism and psychology, a major Oreo enthusiast and spends way too much time on Tumblr. 

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