How to Slay Without a Bae

Published on February 14th, 2017

Valentine’s Day is here again and many of us are facing yet another year of singledom. Some people like to call it SAD or Single’s Awareness Day but not this year. In 2017, we are going to do Valentine’s day like never before. We’re not going to sulk about our loneliness. We’re going to slay.

Whether you’re going partying with friends, treating yourself to dinner, or just lounging at home, these looks are great for anyone who wants to slay no matter what their relationship status is.


Channel witch-y vibes with this all black look. A smoldering smokey eye, a hand full of rings, and a dark lip are perfect for those of us who couldn’t care less about love this year. Be even more dark and dramatic by wearing black lipstick.


Instead of pairing up with a significant other, I’m sure you’d rather pair up these bra tops and palazzo pants and take on the evening solo. Accessorize with gold bangles, large 80s-like earrings, a structured choker, and slip on a simple nude heel. Find someone to snap some shots of you strutting down a street and you’ve got Instagram pictures to last for weeks.


Is it going to be chilly Tuesday evening? Continue to be as extra as possible with this large red heart shaped coat, once sported by Queen Rihanna. The heart’s big enough to show that you’re in the spirit but also that you don’t have any room for other people in your life. Show off your legs in sheer tights and classic black pointed-toe pumps. Keep your shades on at all times to make sure people know you didn’t come to play around.


Being single allows us to focus so much on ourselves and our greatness. It helps us see the goddesses that we truly are. Use this bronze look to show the world a piece of that inner goddess. Wear the gold body chain underneath this silky dress to accentuate the extra bit of skin showing. And, of course, make sure your highlighter is bright enough to give those who turned you down before a sunburn.


Staying in? We got you. Glide around your dorm or apartment in one of these extravagant sheer dressing gowns while eating truffles and chocolate covered strawberries that you bought for yourself. Give yourself a mani-pedi while catching up on your favorite Netflix show. Be your own company for the night, and look good while you’re at it.


words and pictures_katya saunders. 

Katya Saunders is a freshman majoring in media management and double-minoring in marketing and music business and entertainment industries. She loves singing, pretzels, and endless naps.


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