Horoscopes: September 4-10

Published on September 4th, 2017


Dear ram, as long as you stand your ground this week, you’ll be successful. You might encounter an issue that aches your heart, but keep breaking through it because like the true warrior you are, you’ll be triumphant. At the end of the day, challenges are just challenges. However, make sure that you don’t overreact or become aggressive because you can end up losing.



Dear bull, it’s best to take some time to yourself this week because you’ll be feeling a little more emotional than usual. You’re typically a grounded person, but your shadow side might come out and you don’t usually like anyone to see you ungrounded (which is how you may be feeling). It’s okay to say no to party invites and hangouts, your heart will thank you for it later. Relying on a close friend that you can trust will put a genuine smile on your face, and after all, you’re always there for people when they need you. It’s okay to be the one on the other end.



Dear twin, your restless nature always has you wanting more out of life. Lately, you’ve been feeling a little bit of discontent and boredom because you feel like you have been asking the universe for something new and interesting to spice your life up. Don’t worry, because the universe heard you and everything happens in perfect timing. Taken Geminis, this week could mean a rekindling of the relationship you’re in now. Single Geminis, prepare yourself for the beginning of romance. A lot of love and happiness awaits you this week.



Dear moonchild, this is an extremely harmonious time for you because you will start seeing the fruits of your labor flourish. There is something that you’ve been working hard for, whether it’s a personal goal having to do with yourself, school, or work, or something that strengthens your foundation—your family, home, or relationship. This is a time of balance because you’re finally seeing progress in your goals. Let yourself receive, you deserve it, and make sure to give back.



Dear lion, due to the August 21 solar eclipse in your sign, you’re still experiencing heartache and pain due to the major shifts that have taken place in your life. Endings and closures are never easy, especially because your heart is so grand. Remember, though, that with these comes growth, and the universe gives its toughest challenges to its greatest warriors. Changes are occurring, but this transformation is leveling you up. Tap into your mighty personal power and release your emotions in a healthy way. Put yourself first and unleash your inner zest for life—you’ll see, amazing new beginnings are coming into your life, just let yourself heal and let that smile be real.



Dear virgin, you’ve been waiting for things to go your way, and it seems as if lately, they just haven’t. You’ve been reminiscing about past memories with certain people you care about, and a part of you wants your life to feel that way again. But there’s hope, even though right now, things seem a little down and confusing. You also may have gotten into a misunderstanding with someone. Don’t try to convince the other why you’re right and they’re wrong. Try to be as understanding as you can be—you have a lot of wisdom to learn from this situation. You always strive for perfection, being the Virgo that you are, but sometimes you just have to take a backseat and let life work itself out without trying to control it all. Be patient.



Dear scales, you always want to see the best in people, being the fair and balanced person you are. However, there is someone in your life whose true colors you’re starting to notice. You haven’t wanted to do anything about it because you strive for harmony, but your intuition is telling you that something is wrong—don’t ignore it. Open your third eye and spend less time trying to make things work that aren’t working. Once you get rid of what doesn’t serve you, you’ll make way for awesome things that do.



Dear scorpion, you’ve gone through a rough patch when it comes to the material and financial aspects of your life. You feel like the universe keeps throwing you obstacles and challenges, but don’t worry because changes are coming and they’re for the better. Because you’ve been working hard to stay rooted and keep your eyes on the prize, you’ll notice that the wishes you’ve desired are coming. They’re here, scorpio, embrace these positive changes. Expect positive, well-deserved surprises this week.



Dear centaur, your beautiful tendency to always want to look on the bright side sometimes causes you to repress what you feel. You’ve experienced deception, and while you don’t like to waste energy on the negative, it’s essential to let it out and move on—after all, you being a Sagittarius will never waste too much time on people who don’t deserve you. You have so much to be grateful for, so after taking some time to be alone, bounce back to your groove by basking in your blessings. There’s many of them.



Dear sea-goat, you’ve been working hard to transform certain aspects of your life—keep this up. By spending time in solitude, you’re gaining more wisdom because you’re learning more about yourself. This transformation is enlightening you, so for this week, focus on your personal goals—those being the categories in your life where you can seek improvement. Focus on your studies, work, and any other goals you have for yourself. A lot of insight can come from being alone. You’re getting to where you want to be.



Dear water-bearer, the solar eclipse of August 21 has also shaken things up for you deeply, due to it taking place in your opposite sign, Leo. You’re feeling this transformation the most in your relationships, the area in which you’re learning the most lessons. It’s been a conflicting time—your insecurities have been brought out for you to heal them, so there is hope in this. You’re changing in the best way possible, just embrace your personal power and take a stand for yourself when necessary. This week, you’ll start noticing a shift in this chaotic energy—it might be smart to give yourself some space this week to just disconnect from your stress. It only goes up from here.



Dear fish, similar to how your symbol can delve into the depths of the ocean, you’re extremely creative and you have the ability to dive so deeply into your work. Sometimes, though, you underestimate your talents and abilities, due to your fear of rejection. Have confidence! Even if you don’t feel it, affirm to yourself that you deserve the best. You’ll have opportunities to be in the spotlight this week, so let yourself be admired. You deserve to be appreciated for the wonderful work that you do, whether that be an artistic talent or not.


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