Student Spotlight: RG

Published on September 29th, 2017

University of Miami student Ryan Garcia, also known as R G released his first album last week. Dogme 45, is his ode to his time at the University of Miami. Photo Curtesy of R G.

A modern-day nostalgic piece that represents his time at the U, RG, a.k.a University of Miami student Ryan Garcia, has finally released his first project. With the album being written and recorded all across campus, the sounds and conversations heard are all memories that are now ingrained within the production of Dogme 45. 

RG mentioned in our interview about the filming movement discussed in one of his classes that sparked the inspiration to name his album. Originally Dogme 95, this was a filming movement from the 90s that had rules to filmmaking based in the traditional values of story, acting, and them, while excluding the use of special effects. It was a move towards the raw work behind the green screen. This emphasis on raw work is heard throughout RG’s album as it contains real conversations and stripped instruments. Tracks like Lost and Go Away keep the sounds of the strings from the guitar very raw and mellow, giving a sense of being in the studio (or Jetta) during its recording. It is a blend between the old and the new with the effects being used at the minimum for altered vocals and background beats.

The blend of the new comes from the other half of the title, 45. Considered his favorite number, RG uses 45 to identify himself. On twitter it was revealed that this was the channel he would turn to every Saturday as a kid to watch his favorite TV shows. A weekly ritual that makes up the memories of his childhood all contained within a number, 45.

As for inspirations from the sound, the Frank Ocean influence is heavily heard throughout. Less the R&B side and more the instrumental, indie side like Ivy off Blonde. Ocean being his #1 artists, it’s not surprising that much of the sound and feel of Dogme 45 is influenced from such an influential artist.

Up to this point, all of his work has become this first release. RG has placed a bow on this piece and has wrapped it up as he begins work on other projects. The next being, The Jetta Tapes. Influenced from A$AP Mob’s Cozy Tapes, it is a body of work that is less serious and more fun as it is made with close friends and lighter tones. Stay tuned.

My Top Picks:

  • Track 2 // Fifth Floor
  • Track 6 // Escape
  • Track 7 // Go Away

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For the full audio on the interview, expect a link in the next week to listen to the full conversation between myself and RG.




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