Horoscopes: October 9-13

Published on October 10th, 2017


Dear ram, your sign is known to be courageous and passionate, unafraid of any type of confrontation and always willing to take on any battle. Being as open and expressive as you are, it’s easy for you to show when you’re angry or frustrated, but this week, there will be a situation presented to you that challenges you to show your vulnerabilities, whether this has to do with a romantic, platonic, or familial relationship. It’s normal to fear rejection, being ignored, and being misunderstood, but don’t let those fears govern you. This week calls for you to open yourself up emotionally and let that certain someone feel the depth of your feelings—it’ll pay off because your relationship will flourish from this. Put yourself out there like the fearless ram you are.


Dear bull, you’re longing to achieve a goal, and/or move forward with an idea or project, but you feel as if there are challenges standing in your way. These blockages could take the form of a person—someone you feel is inhibiting you or discouraging you, or it could be your own personal hindrance. Remember that you are a bull—a symbol of prosperity, perseverance and tenacity. Whatever your goal is, don’t give up on it. Remember the reasons why you wanted it in the first place, fall in love with the idea again, visualize what it feels like to have achieved it. As long as you let the passion ignite through your heart and soul, any challenge that stands in your way is bound to lose to your unrivaled rootedness.


Dear twin, you’re multitalented, creative and an excellent communicator, known to be a jack-of-all-trades. Because of this, you can easily multitask, in fact, your mind exercises this way! This week, though, there is too much on your plate and you feel that you’ve overcommitted yourself. While you can easily juggle all of your commitments most of the time, your mind may be on overload and your stress levels may be at an all-time high. Even though you may be anxious, keep telling yourself that you got this. Towards the end of the week, your work load will be much lighter, and you’ll forget that you were even stressed in the first place. The good news is that someone may be willing to help you handle your work, or might make your life easier in any way, so be open to accepting help. You got this, Gemini.


Dear crab, there may be a lot of activity in your social life—you’re going out, meeting new people and socializing with friends, and simply rolling with the good vibes flowing in. This may make you feel good on a surface level, but for some time, you’ve felt worried and confused because you keep waiting for guidance and answers in regards to your life path. A persistent question has lingered in your head, “will I be successful?”—this could relate to a post-college career plan, a relationship with someone, or on a deeper level, your life purpose. This week, a conversation will provide you with an answer that will give you a greater sense of clarity. Even if it’s not exactly what you wanted to hear, remember that whatever happens to you is always for your highest good. Stay fearless, moonchild, you’re in control of your life.


Dear lion, your sign is renowned for its creativity, confidence, and unmatched talents. However, there is a certain hidden talent with which you may have lost touch. This isn’t your fault—

perhaps you got caught up with school, or you got involved in an activity that takes up most of your time. Whatever it may be, just know that this talent is still residing within you, waiting for you to channel it. This week, you’ll get back in touch with it, but let go of the self-limiting beliefs. No matter how long it may be, or whatever feelings have made you feel as if the fire cannot be ignited and you don’t have it in you anymore, remember that if you could do it then, you could do it now. Tap into your leonine sense of confidence, release the stalled creative energy and remind yourself of your power. This is your divine gift and ability—let your talent take you places.


Dear virgin, an argument with a friend, family member, or significant other may have caused you to feel powerless, although you are having trouble coming to terms with that. You may have been harsh with your words, and the other person may have deeply taken it to heart. You, being the incredibly honest and straightforward person that you are, always do what you feel is right, but sometimes, what is right for you isn’t right for the other person. If you truly care about this individual, try to understand where they’re coming from, even if that means having to accept where you may be at fault. It’s not about being right, it’s about communicating with compassion. Be honest, but speak with your heart.


Dear scales, this week, you’re going to need to take a backseat and let the universe drive. You may have a lot of questions about a certain situation that you’re trying to make a decision on, and you, being the practical, balanced Libra you are, like to analyze every side of a situation before you can make a decision. This has you a little bit stressed out because you feel as if you need to make a decision now, but you don’t. So sit back, relax, and let the universe provide you with guidance. Sometime during the week, the answer will come to you when you least expect it—probably in the form of a daydream or a feeling. Trust yourself and let go.


Dear scorpion, be wary of who you trust this week. You are highly intuitive, and when someone isn’t being real, you’re the first one to feel it. There is a goal that your mind is set on and you know that you can make it happen, however, someone may try to discourage you, fool you or catch you off guard. Don’t listen to people that talk too much and don’t deliver. Tap into your intuition and human nonsense detector, as long as you’re guided by what you feel is right, you’ll be fine. Also, be open to social invitations this week, you may be at the right place at the right time, and your life will experience positive changes because of this event.


Dear archer, your sign is admired for its ability to live in the moment and be present. This is a beautiful quality, but sometimes, you put aside your feelings because you don’t want to dwell on them, coping with your deeper thoughts through laughter and humor—this may cause you to repress your emotions. It would work in your favor to take some time to be alone this week so that you can ask yourself what you truly want out of life. Where do you see yourself after you

graduate? How would you like different aspects of your life to be? It’s good to laugh it off and not worry, but also, realize that you don’t have to worry, it’s simply that sometimes, you do have to get down to business about your goals. Let your optimism guide you, sag, you know that everything always works out.


Dear sea goat, this week may start off stressful for you because not only do you have an intense amount of work, but you also may be clashing with a loved one—it could be a family member, friend, or significant other. It would be best to keep to yourself this week and focus on your commitments. Whatever issues you may have with someone, don’t dwell on whether the other person is wrong and you’re right, and vice versa. It will resolve itself with time, and if you need support, lean on someone else you love. It’s an excellent week for positive relationships, but don’t focus on problems that wear you down. New beginnings are on their way, and they could occur within new and existing relationships. Just focus on feeling secure and content within yourself.


Dear water bearer, there is a lot of good fortune coming your way, after a time of growth and hardships. You’ve handled situations in your life fairly well, even the hard times that at some point, felt like you were going to be stuck in them forever. Be open to receiving on this lucky week for you—you’ll be experiencing a lot of happiness, love and recognition. You’ll catch yourself in the moment feeling how grateful you are to have made through some recent painful times. Bask in this gratitude, but don’t forget to stay grounded by dealing with some old issues that still need your attention, too. Count on your close loved ones to hold you accountable for completing your personal goals and keep you rooted. Life has its ups and downs, and you’re experiencing ups at this time, but don’t let this joy cross over to arrogance. Don’t let it go to your head. Life is on your side when your ego is balanced.


Dear fish, you’ve been having trouble dealing with a rollercoaster of emotions occurring in your life. When you’re up, you feel somewhat good, as if you’re in control of your life, but then, it feels as if it suddenly drops and you feel down emotionally, physically, and spiritually. A new opportunity that you’ve been waiting for may finally come around this week, and while this may take the troubles away, you must focus on feeling good within yourself. Take time to be grateful for the positive aspects of your life—don’t dwell on the negative. Take time to relax and realize that you are your own best friend. Who’s going to love you more than yourself? No one. Give yourself a much-needed pep talk this week, Pisces.




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