Fall in Miami

Published on October 11th, 2017

“Miami doesn’t have seasons!”

This saying inevitably becomes the topic of conversation around this time of year. When the pages of magazines are littered with “Fall Trends!”, “Autumn Home Décor!”, “Cashmere Sweaters!” and “5 Pairs of Boots You Need this Season!”, it can seem impossible to change your look with Miami still firmly in the dog days of summer. However, there are multiple ways that you can look like you stepped out of a fall lookbook and not sweat profusely. We’re definitely not saying Miami has seasons, but we can teach you how to dress like it does!

Color Change

The first step to changing your style is switching the colors in your wardrobe. Swapping out that bright pink romper for an army green t-shirt dress, or simply opting for a tan tank top instead of white, can make it look like you belong in a forest and not among palm trees. So even if you’re married to those jean cutoffs you’ve been wearing since May, you can most likely find the exact pair in burgundy. This tactic can go beyond clothes by buying a pair of deep orange sunglasses or using a crimson umbrella. You can even transform some accessories not just by changing color, but also material. For instance, a light brown suede shoulder bag will absolutely fool you into thinking you’re walking to class under fall foliage.

Trend Manipulation

While most fall trends involve colors, the ones that extend to specific pieces can easily be made into Miami appropriate clothing. The increasing popularity of palazzo pants initially sounds like a sweat disaster waiting to happen, but palazzo shorts are easy to find or make. A belted high waisted short can give the same trendy, professional vibe as the real pants, and if there is a pair that you cannot stop thinking about, simply cut and hem them into the right length. Most stores already have other trends covered, such as velvet crop tops instead of velvet sweaters, but always think outside the box to make the trend fit your needs.

Faux Winter

The fashion industry loves to tease the upcoming season in the current one, and fall is no exception. Oversized coats and sweaters can certainly be difficult in the Miami heat, but you can still look the part without all the fabric. Opting for short sleeved duster jackets and sheer kimonos covey the same fall style without the unnecessary warmth.


Ankle boots are the most obvious fix to Autumn’s timeless love affair with riding boots, but this year, the fashion industry has elevated ankle boots onto the perfect Miami level: sock boots. Regardless of whether Yeezy started this look years ago and other designers followed, or vice versa, the shoes are taking over the season. Whether its Balenciaga’s controversial knife boots or a Marshall’s sale rack find, sock boots are the perfect accessory for fall in Miami. If you are someone that detests these shoes or feel they are too hot, you can still pass with normal ankle boots or classic booties.

In the end there are ways you can incorporate fall into your everyday Miami wardrobe, regardless of the fact that we live in a state where there are two seasons: Hot and Hotter.


“Allegra Turner is a freshman majoring in International Studies. Originally hailing from Boston, she has lifelong passions for fashion and beauty.”



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