Taste Testing Halloween Candy

Published on October 31st, 2017

If you strolled through the supermarket during October, it’s likely you were overwhelmed with all the pumpkin and candy corn flavored treats that snuck up on the shelves. There always tend to be some that sound better than others, so some the Online staff decided to sacrifice themselves to try out all the weirdest candies and chocolates we could find. We’ve ranked them from the worst to the best, so you’ll know which to pick up once they all go on sale tomorrow.


7th Place: Caramel Apple Peeps

Green apple-flavored peeps with a caramel bottom. Sounds like it could be good, right? Wrong. Don’t buy this. Don’t even try to imagine what it might taste like. However, it was on theme for Halloween, because it was truly a horrifying thing to eat.

Jorge: “Nah.”

Thalia: “Eww, why does it taste minty?”

Everyone else: *Makes gagging noise*


6th Place: Candy Corn M&Ms

Orange, white, and yellow M&Ms that are meant to taste to taste like candy corn, but instead are basically the worst M&Ms you’ve ever put in your mouth. Seriously, pick up literally any other bag of M&Ms your local supermarket carries, your tastebuds will thank you.

Kami: “Did they actually taste test these?”

Alex: “Maybe it would help if your mouth was already coated in Twix bar.”


5th Place: Candy Apple Milk Chocolates

These were apple shaped milk chocolates, with an apple flavored caramel filling. They were individually wrapped with red tin foil and looked relatively unassuming. We should have assumed the worst. The combination of the chocolate with the artificial apple and the caramel was not a good one.

Tiana: “Are you kidding me? I thought it was gonna be normal?”

Alex: “I kinda like it, I think they’re top tier.”

Thalia: “Before I eat it, does it taste like apple?” Kami: “No, it’s tastes like bad.”


4th Place: Candy Corn Peeps

We were skeptical of these from the beginning, but willing to try them. They were the typical yellow peep color, but had orange speckles and a white fudge bottom. The staff was split on whether or not these were worth the purchase some people loved them and wanted to have more, while others…not so much.

Gina: “I love it, what flavor is this?”

Naomy: “It’s good, even though I hate candy corn “

Thalia: “Yeah, no.”


3rd Place: Pumpkin Spice Oreos

These looked like they had potential, seeming like a simple fall take on a cookie. They had a normal outer cookie, but the filling was pumpkin spice flavor. Once again, this cookie left our staff divided. Some loved it, while others couldn’t even finish it. One thing to note: these are vegan! However, that could be said for all Oreos, so maybe just pick up some regular Oreos.

Gina: “UMM this is so good!”

Abigail: “Ok I enjoyed the Oreo, but bad aftertaste.”

Tiana: “I don’t like this one, I’m not even gonna finish it.”

Alex: “This sh*t smacks.”

Kami: “I hate fall, ugh.”


2nd Place: S’mores Candy Corn

These tasted…pretty much just like candy corn. Not really sure what else there is to say about these. If you like candy corn, you’ll like these, if you don’t– well you get the idea.

Thalia: “But where is the s’more?”

Gina: “Not bad, but also I like candy corn.”

Kami: “This is my first piece of candy corn and it’s ok.”


WINNER: Cookies & Screeem M&Ms

Just by knowing that it’s an Oreo flavored M&M, you can probably already figure out if these are good or not. Spoiler Alert: They are amazing. They are black M&Ms with little white speckles and an Oreo cookie filling. Are they really “Halloween”? No. Are they delicious? Yes. If you’re going to purchase anything on this list, purchase these.

Kami: “How could this be bad though?”

Tiana: “Oh yeah these are good.”

Everyone else: *Takes another one*


The general verdict among the staff seemed to be that Halloween is better without the pumpkin flavoring. Our advice? Stick to the classics, you can’t go wrong with a Twix or a KitKat.


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