Michael Solomonov’s Dizengoff is where you should be eating all of your meals

Published on December 12th, 2017

This summer, Dizengoff, Michael Solomonov’s Israeli hummusiya opened in Miami and we can’t believe we haven’t been sooner.

Solomonov, a James Beard award winner and all-around culinary badass, was born in G’nei Yehuda, Israel, but was raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. At 18 he moved back to Israel and got his start in the culinary world in a bakery and the rest has gone down in culinary history. Fast-forward a number of years later and now Solomonov is the co-owner of Zahav, Dizengoff, Federal Donuts, Goldie, Rooster Soup & Abe Fisher, two of which, just opened in Miami.

Dizengoff, named after a major street in Israel serves up mainly hummus (heavy on the tehina) served with assorted toppings. Currently, there are three Dizengoff locations and each has their own chef who is free to put their own spin on the menu. Chef Valerie Chang is Dizengoff Miami’s chef and she has put her own unique spin on the menu herself. We were immediately drawn to her “Plantanito Baba,” which is influenced by Chef Chang’s Peruvian-Chinese background.

According to trainer, Grace Fortun, “The whole menu changes every week,” she said. “The only thing that stays is the classic tehina.”

On Sundays, Dizengoff serves Shakshouka for brunch, which is a traditional Israeli breakfast dish made up of eggs poached in tomato sauce with chili peppers, onions and spices usually served with a pita for dipping. When we went, green shakshouka was on the menu, which used tomatillos instead of traditional tomatoes, a Miami twist.

Dizengoff and Federal Donuts are located in Miami’s Wynwood Art District. Our suggestion? Go to Dizengoff for Sunday brunch, grab a donut afterwards (specifically the Passion Fruit Poppy), walk around Wynwood, then circle back and grab a chicken sandwich for a mid-day snack. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Dizengoff & Federal Donuts: 250 NW 24th St., Miami



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