An Ode to the Best Thing I Ever Ate

Published on February 6th, 2018

So you’re walking from your Spanish class and you see it. A blue and silver retro trailer and on the side it reads THE. SALTY. DONUT. Your mouth waters and you can’t wait to skip lunch to get a delicious treat. You wait in line for 20 minutes…then it’s your turn. It’s just you the cashier with the great smile and 200 donuts sitting on racks. You scan the inventory and make your choice.

Of course you take cute photos with the art and admire it but then it’s time to eat. Every person in Miami has told you to get one but you’ve been doubting them. Finally the wait is over and you take a huge bite. As you saver it you can’t help to think “maybe I’m high right now” but in fact you are on a sugar high with the best donut of your life.

This was my experience eating The Salty Donut for the first time and it’s hard to imagine my life without it. Sure I’ve had Krispy Kreme and Dunkin but this donut was special, it was authentic. Not only was it delicious but its made with the best ingredients around in small batches.

I ordered the beauty that is the White Chocolate Tres Leches Donut and it was BOMB. First of all it’s beautiful. She is a masterpiece and should be treated with respect. It’s made with a splash of rum, tres leches mixture, and torched meringue. HOW CAN THIS GET ANY BETTER!

AND this donut is sold year-round so your taste buds can be dazzled 365. So whenever your in the mood to treat yo self or have a BOMB experience with your amigos head over to The Salty Donut to eat the Best Thing I Ever Ate.



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