Drake at the U

Published on February 6th, 2018

Around 4 pm, a message was received by one of my friends that simply read: “Drake’s on Campus.” As we sat at a glider at the Rat and heard him read the message, our eyes widened in disbelief. Another friend says: “Oh he was at Miami High earlier today filming God’s Plan.” Without hesitation, we all got up and ran straight to the Shalala Student Center.

Climbing the stairs, I spot another friend surrounded by a small group and a few guards blocking the way to the top floor. Something was up. She looked shocked and immediately said: “Drake’s here.” She claims to have spotted him and snapped a picture – only to watch him turn back, look at her, and say: “They know.”

In a matter of minutes, the second floor of the SSC was replete with students all of which responding to this apparent rumor. News had traveled fast as The Miami Hurricane was already reporting on the scene. Further, Twitter was in an uproar as a few indie reporters tweeted about the supposed performance that would go down later that day. Miami was trending. People were talking. Administrators gave awkward glances and nods when questioned. Something was definitely up.

Before he came on, Drake made a stop at the Frost School of Music where he was seen giving away a scholarship to student Destiny James.

After much hype and quite a long wait, the stage was set off the balcony of the SCC. As God’s Plan started to play, the crowd was wild. Finally Drake appeared, giving the performance of the semester as the same song was played four times.


  • A cameraman named Caesar quickly became the MVP. As he was set up within the crowd, prompt on a ladder, students would chant his name while his coworkers tried to get his attention.
  • Two students climbed up the roof of the food court near the new Storm Surge. One of them even did a backflip while up there. They were quickly told to get off.
  • Among the many chants, students decided to let Drake know how we feel about FSU.
  • After his performance, Drake came back simply to say:


“I’ve been to a lot of places in the world, but I’ve never been to a more turnt school.”





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