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Published on February 8th, 2018

While breakfast and lunch are okay, any girl at the University of Miami will tell you that there’s nothing like a Sunday morning brunch with her besties that’s both tasty and Insta-worthy. When it comes to this midday meal, you will want to find a brunch place that meets all your basic needs. Miami takes brunch to a whole new level with mouth watering Nutella-filled French toast, pork belly eggs benedict that’s to die for, and your classic chicken and waffle sandwich. Even though brunch places in Miami are hardly a commodity, three places really take the cake or pancake (yes, I went there), in terms of their overall delicious brunch menus.

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GreenStreet Café is the go-to UM brunch spot and probably most popular among students given that it’s right at Coconut Grove. GreenStreet’s got everything from cinnamon roll pancakes to goat cheese and tomato omelettes if you’re in the mood for something healthy. Whatever you’re craving, GreenStreet has got you covered. Even though you can’t go wrong with their food, the ambiance of eating outside on their patio lets you catch up with friends while being casually entertained by all the people passing by on a busy Sunday morning. Umbrellas shade you from the scorching hot sun, but the heat is barely noticeable with all the bustle of laughter at other tables and wonderful smells drifting from the kitchen.

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The next place to check off your list before you graduate is called The Local. Found off of Giralda Avenue in Coral Gables, The Local serves you brunch realness that you didn’t even know existed. The menu here is every snobby brunch-goer’s dream. It includes steak tartare with egg yolk dripping off the top, blue crab hushpuppies for a casual snack, and pimento cheese pancakes with bourbon maple syrup drizzled generously all over. There’s nothing quaint about the food here and the classy, but chic decorations inside give it some uptown vibes.

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The last brunch spot is definitely worth the extra drive. In Wynwood on 29th Street, Morgan’s, an adorable family-run restaurant, is the perfect place to satisfy any brunch desires you have. Although it once started as a food truck, this brunch place has taken their menu to new heights. They’ve got mac and cheese with a sunny side up egg on top (that’s right), mascarpone and raspberry stuffed French toast, and chocolate dipped waffles. The simple and short menu is chalk full of decadent choices still making it way too hard to order. Inside you find a clean white aesthetic perfect for a Sunday-morning photo shoot with your food, and friends of course.

Even though the list of brunch places in Miami goes on and on, don’t get lost in all the madness. Start your brunching off right at these three top picks for an all-around tasty experience.



  1. Posted by Jaz on February 9th, 2018, 20:25 [Reply]

    I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOVED this! I am going to try all the places on this list. This really showcases all the decadent options with such great photos. This writer seems so friendly and punny and totally nailed the taste buds of the girls of UM. FIVE STARS. 10 out of 10! JUST LOVE–I will be at Morgan’s. THIS. WEEKEND. And now I have to try GreenStreet during brunch time. Great article


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