SG Elections: Meet the Candidates

Published on February 12th, 2018

It’s that time of year again, Election Season! With Student Government elections happening next week, let’s take a look at those running for President, Vice-President and Treasurer on the U First ticket. To see where to vote, click here.

On the far left we have Student Government Senator Rafael Cariello. Rafa is a junior studying Economics and Finance running for Treasurer. The Miami native represents commuter students in Senate and serves on the Public Relations committee as the Vice-chair. As treasurer, Cariello hopes to promote the student fanzone on gamedays as well as include professional development days as an excused absence. As a ticket on U First, Cariello plans to aid in the expansion of late-night dining options in the new Student Housing Village.

In the middle sits Director of Academic Affairs Evan de Joya. Evan is a junior studying Biology and Geography running for President of Student Government. As president, Evan hopes to increase sustainability on campus by working closely with ECO Agency and with the administration to ensure that courses are conducted similarly across professors. De Joya also wishes to continue the peer mentorship program established by the current Student Government executive branch.

Last but certainly not least, we have Leadership Development Coordinator Catherine De Freitas. Catherine is a junior from Miami studying Marketing. The Delta Gamma sister is running for Vice-President on the U First ticket. De Freitas hopes to make Student Government more transparent by holding town hall meetings where students can express their concerns as well as increasing the number of security cameras and lighting in UM parking lots.

The U First Ticket, Rafael Cariello, Evan de Joya, and Catherine De Freitas, have big plans for UM this year. The Canes plan to turn tables with the current administration and be the front runners for the development of the Student Housing Village.

However the chips may fall with the election, it is safe to say that the University of Miami will changed for the better!



Pictures from U First website


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