Published on September th, 2016

DISTRACTION MAGAZINE IS A SOPHISTICATED, HIGH-GLOSS QUARTERLY MAGAZINE that is committed to defining the culture of University of Miami’s student body. This publication serves as an entertaining and insightful “Distraction” to the daily stress of college life and features new trends in music, fashion, art, entertainment and student interests.

Each issue, our creative team is dedicated to writing intriguing stories that will engage readers with stimulating interviews, investigative feature segments, and interesting profiles of students. Because Distraction is written by students, the magazine has an authentic voice that connects immediately and enthusiastically with its core readership.

As a student-run publication at the University of Miami, Distraction seeks to provide an influential, powerful source of life-style information for and about the UM student community. As the newest and only student lifestyle publication at UM, Distraction is dedicated to becoming the most read student publication at UM and Coral Gables.

Want to get involved? Shoot us an email at distraction@miami.edu or or click on any of the editors’ names below to contact them directly.

distraction magazine editorial staff

Editor-in-Chief_Asmae Fahmy

Executive Editor_Marissa Vonesh

Managing Editor_Olivia Stauber 

Art Director_ Allie Pakrosnis & Jamie Shub

Photo Editor_Valentina Escotet

Assistant Photo Editors_ Sidney Sherman & Maxx Pollack

Assistant Art Directors_Alexa Aguilar, Ana Gonzales Lindsey Bernstein

The Guide Editor_Lauren Flaumenhaft

In The Loop Editor_Gina Fleites

Health and Wellness Editor_Elizabeth Wilcox

Fashion Editor_Jade Simmons

Assistant Fashion Editor_Lauren Gimpel

Special section editor_Carmen Wilson

Main Event Editor_Maria Hernandez

Public Relations Manager_Carmen Wilson

Assistant PR Manager_Gabby Rosenbloom

Business Managers_Kyle Kingma 

Assistant Business Manager_Neha Baddam



Online Editorial Coordinators_Alina Zerpa & Thalia Garcia

Online Copy Chief_Tori Cameron

Entertainment Blog Editor_Jorge Chabo

Food Blog Editor_Kristin Zheng 

Online Fashion Editor_Melissa Cabral

Student Life Blog Editor_Sofia Zachary

Sports Blog Editor_Alex Goldman

Culture Blog Editor_Teresa Lee

Online Photo Editor_Keying Cheng

Faculty Adviser_Randy Stano