Waffle Iron Extravaganza

All over Facebook and Instagram I have been seeing people waffle-iron various foods. These images often leave my mouth-watering and my mind wondering “why have I not tried this before?” I decided to waffle-iron a few things that I’ve seen online, as well as other things that I was curious about. Although my experience was different with […]

Girl Scout Cookies

With Girl Scout Cookies visiting campus this week, students go into over-drive buying cookies and claiming which is their favorite one. The real question is: is there a best one? Food editor Kristin Zheng and co-managing editors Thalia Garcia and Alina Zerpa got together and tried each one… for the sake of science, obviously. S’mores: The […]

10 Weird Food Gadgets You Need In Your Life

Every year, fancy new tech gadgets are rolled out onto the market for everyday people to use. Our phones and laptops are slimmer yet have more efficiency and power than ever before. Technology innovation is huge these days, but gadgets in an entirely different industry have been overlooked, that is, until now. Tools in the food world […]

Southern Comfort Food in Miami

Now that Thanksgiving is a thing of the past, you are probably seeking out leftovers or something of the same variety. Any escape from the dining halls is a treat and luckily, Miami seems to have finally caught onto the wonders of some great southern comfort food. These places are the ones you should check out […]

Thanksgiving Game Plan

Thanksgiving is a time for celebration and reuniting with loved ones. It is a time for people to say what they are most thankful for in their lives. However, what I love the most about Thanksgiving is the fact that it allows me to completely stuff myself with as much glorious, delicious and fattening food […]

Restaurants for Every Occasion

Miami is home to some of the best restaurants, but sometimes it can be hard to narrow them down. Not every restaurant works for every event. You wouldn’t normally go to a sports bar for brunch or go to a hectic restaurant if you’re trying to have an intimate conversation. Luckily we’ve compiled a list of some […]

How to Bar Crawl

“Why walk when you can crawl?” is the motto for one of Miami’s favorite events, the Brickell Bar Crawl. Bar Crawl includes five to six drinks for $25 for everyone 21 years old and over. With the bars all in the same area, the event is incredibly fun and gives both locals and tourists a […]