Music Festivals for Spring

It’s almost the mid-point of the semester, and it’s time to treat all of your hard work to the best gift of all, concert tickets – specifically music festival tickets. Music festivals are great because of the ability to see multiple different artists over the course of a getaway weekend. While we all wish we […]

Don’t Drink Cheap Wine

“Don’t drink cheap wine.” That was the first thing my Oenology professor said the first day of class.  My class collectively smirked and exchanged those knowingly “Haha ok,” looks. Professor Carol Brick Stock continued to look at us with a very French, very serious face.  This, as you can imagine, made us all a little uncomfortable. […]

How to Mardi Gras the Right Way

Mardi Gras, in essence, is one of America’s oldest parties. When French-Canadian explorer Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Sieur de Bienville declared a plot of ground 60 miles south of New Orleans as French and named it Pointe du Mardi Gras in 1699, he did so knowing that it was the eve of the long standing French […]

Arrrgh you Ready?

Cannons blazing, guns flashing heading into a sea of red and black. The streets are blocked, people of all ages strategically maneuvering, or more accurately desperately squeezing, themselves into any somewhat open crack in the fortress of people in an attempt to get to the front, reaching for glistening strings of beads flying through the […]

Survive the Lines: Walt Disney World

Never-ending lines, sweltering heat, screaming kids and nowhere to sit is what people think about when riding rides at Walt Disney World. Classic rides and new attractions in the summer are not a good combination, but neither is visiting Disney during colder months because holiday celebrations such as Halloween and Christmas pack the parks. Queues […]