Summer Beauty Tips

During the sweltering summer it isn’t always easy to look like perfection. Want a low-maintenance, natural look at summer bonfires, barbecues and block parties? Below are some simple, fresh and easy tricks that will keep you looking radiant. And men, if you think this article doesn’t pertain to you, think again—the seductive products on this list with have women chasing you around all night.

Can You Pay My Bills

Maybe Beyoncé was on to something…But even banking on a sugar mamma or daddy doesn’t allow you financial independence. Here are some ways to keep your head above the choppy waters of CASH, CREDIT, AND DEBT. words_erin lockwood contributing research_sarah chase As naïve, hopeful students, we believe that our college diploma equals some great post-graduation […]

Save a Little Green

It’s true that it may not always be cost-effective to be environmentally virtuous on a student budget, but there are plenty of ways to do your part without starving your wallet. With students leading the way, we’re gonna get U green. words_abigail garner contributing research _sarah chase photography_marissa gutherz & tori kichler We can all […]

A Handy-Dandy Politics Guide

This broad overview of the candidates gives some insight into their personal lives along with current polling trends. President-elect BARACK OBAMA > Astrological sign: Leo > Favorite food: Chile—he loves to cook it > Favorite books: The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Shakespeare’s Tragedies, The Bible, and Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison > Favorite TV […]

Jacory Harris

words_ed s. fishman photos_zach woodward As a child, starting quarterback Jacory Harris was chubby and played offensive line. “From about age six till he was nine, he was a fat boy,” said J12’s father, Rodney Harris. “He played offensive tackle, center, guard, tight end. He was a good line¬man.” But, as he continued to play […]

The Adventures of a Digital Native

words_dena giannini and sarah bromley illustration_taylor lucas Our generation has grown up through the development of the digital age. Throughout our lives, we’ve acquired an inherent set of web-related skills that reflect our flair for online communication. Although we integrate daily use of social networking tools and sites for fun, we also possess the ability […]